RnD Corona Test to Go

NHD & partners start multi-million project

Early tracing of SARS-CoV2-infected individuals at the stage when there are no clinical symptoms, is crucial to prevent further transmission.

Based on existing platform technology NH DyeAGNOSTICS with  scientific and industrial partners are developing a test for rapid, portable SARS-CoV2 diagnostics.


Why is the development of the quick test particularly important?

  • • allows to perform quick and cost-efficient point-of-care testing
  • • allows regular screening in the groups of high-risk individuals
  • • simple stripe-test, does not require specialized expensive machines,

reagents or trained staff


In alliance with our cooperation partners we expect to bring the product to the market within 6-8 months. The project is co-funded by the BMBF.


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Gel analytics goes digital

ORCA Analyzer - Automated detection and analysis of gels

The ORCA Analyzer was developed to make your work easier. In oder to fully analyze SDS-PAGE, IEF or IFE gels within seconds, your individual test is carried out automatically.

Available in combination with the ORCA Gel Electrophoresis module as ORCA workstation.
System Integrated Digital Electrophoresis: The modern alternative to the PhastSystem.
Made in Germany.


Further information: System Integrated Digital Electrophoresis

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NHD Mass Spec Services

In addition to its powerful gel-based protein and proteome services NHD offers sophisticated mass spectrometry (MS) services such as

  • • Shot Gun MS for protein identifcation in proteomes
  • • Targeted MS for ID and validation of biomarkers
  • • MALDI-TOF fingerprinting


NHD mass spec services enables the detection, identification and quantification of proteins by measuring their mass and characterizing their chemical structure.

Read more


About MS

Mass spectrometry in proteomics

In proteomics, mass spectrometry is applied to characterize and sequence proteins. Over the last decades, it has become an indispensable technique. Its development over the last decades has led to three fundamental applications: determining protein interaction, categorizing protein expression and locating protein modification.

Mass spectrometry in pharmacology

In pharmacology, mass spectrometry is applied for drug discovery to determine the structure of drugs and metabolites and for screening metabolites in biological systems.

Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS)

Tandem mass spectrometry involves a tandem mass spectrometer. The sample undergoes ionization and mass-charge ratio separation in the first stage of mass spectrometry (MS1). Then, selected ions of the articular mass-charge ratio are fragmented to generate product ions for detection in the second stage of mass spectrometry (MS2).

Tandem mass spectrometry gives additional information about the selected ions. It is typically applied to sequence proteins and oligonucleotides because the fragments analyzed can be compared to peptides or nucleic acid sequences found in databases.

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Modern Replacement for PhastSystem

ORCA Multitasking Workstation

The ORCA Multitasking Workstation brings gel-based electrophoresis to the modern digital life.

No time-consuming staining/ destaining of gels but fast automated read-out, analysis and reporting within seconds.

The system provides you an ideal replacement for the former PhastSystem from GE Healthcare.


Learn more about System Integrated Digital Electrophoresis

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Western Blot: What happens to my protein?

Monitoring and Normalization of Sample Protein

The immunochemical detection of specific proteins by Western Blot analysis is performed by different steps including: protein extraction, separation, transfer, blocking, antibody incubation, washing, target detection.

The protein transfer rate is less than 100%. Transferred proteins are not covalently bound to the blotting membrane. Therefore, the amount protein of each sample is continuously decreased (see figure below). The loss of protein is caused by different sources (e.g. hydrophobicity, mechanical shearing forces,...).

Valid Normalisation of Western Blots

The patented Smart Protein Layers (SPL) technology offers you the easy but sensitive detection of sample protein  during all stages of the Western Blot procedure. The precise detection of sample amount present on the blot at the same time the target is immunodetected allows for the accurate normalisation of target protein expression.

Patented SPL Technology

The corresponding SPL kit comes with fluorescent SPL label which rapidly bind to the sample protein prior electrophoresis. Depending on sample properties two different workflows can be used.


SPL EASY workflow
Very easy usage of the SPL kit  limited to samples within a range of 25μg - 75μg of extracted total protein.

Advanced usage of the SPL kit for scarce samples and/ or particular buffer compositions. This approach provides further information about the sample, the labeling reaction and monitors the complex WB workflow.

Both the easy and advanced workflow offer precise protein transfer monitoring and allow for experiment-to-experiment comparisons.

Order your SPL kit now!

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