Project Consulting

Project Consulting

For such complex issues as protein characterization or the analysis of complete proteomes, reliable project management from the project idea to the interpretation and publication or commercialisation of the results is essential. We provide comprehensive project support from start to finish

Experimental Strategy and Experimental Set-up

The strategic planning and the experimental setup are decisive for an optimal result and analysis output. This includes the following steps:

  • • the exact definition of the experimental objectives
  • • the development of the optimal test strategy and selection of the appropriate methods together with you
  • • a proposal for sample quantities and replicates, to obtain statistically relevant results
  • • milestone planning and definition of termination criteria (for extensive experiments)


Sample Preparation

Proteins differ greatly in their properties due to the multitude of possible amino acid compositions. For example, there are large and small, acidic and basic, hydrophilic and hydrophobic proteins. The accessibility of the respective proteins for analysis thus depends on the extraction method and sample buffer used. Depending on the objective and the planned methods, we recommend a suitable extraction method or take over extraction and sample preparation for you.

Practical Procedure

We can carry out the planned experiments completely or partially for you. However, you can also carry out all practical work yourself. In case of complications we will of course assist you with our know-how or offer hands-on workshops at your site.

Evaluation of Results

Even simple protein identification using mass spectrometry provides a large amount of data that needs to be interpreted. The amount of data obtained increases accordingly with the increasing scope of the experiment. We provide assistance with the interpretation of the data, recommendations for possible follow-up tests or further statistical evaluations as well as information on publication or commercialisation of the results.


Further information/ price details

For further information about protein services and detailed price information, please get in touch with our service team:

Mo - Fr 9am - 5pm
+ 49 (0) 345 2799 6413


Service overview

  • • proteomstudies (shot gun)
  • • proteomstudies 2DE-based
  • • label and label-free quantification of proteins
  • • protein characterization (quantification, purity, modification, identification)
  • • mutagenisis discovery
  • • mircoarray follow-up
  • • drug target discovery
  • • assay development
  • • protein pattern analysis
  • • toxicological fingerprinting
  • • crop testing
  • • consulting for complex protein anaylsis
  • • differential protein expression analysis (2D-DIGE)
  • • post translational protein modifications (phosphorylation, glycosylation, RedOX)
  • • biomarker discovery
  • • 2D Western blotting
  • • HCP coverage 2D Western blotting
  • • standardized and quantitative SDS- and SAR-PAGE, IEF and Western Blots of up to 52 samples per run


Equipment for Gel-based Protein Analysis

  • • OCRA Gel Electrophoresis Units
  • • Dolphin Gel Electrophoresis Units
  • • HOEFER SE900 Gel Electrophoresis
  • • HOEFER Gel Electrophoresis small
  • • BEO Dry Blotter
  • • VELUM Dry Blotter
  • • OCTOPLUS QPLEX Fluorescence Imager
  • • Typhoon FLA 9000 Imager
  • • LabImage L360 Software
  • • Delta2D Software
  • • Spot Picker
  • • Spot Processing
  • • Fluorescent Label
  • • VIS and Fluorescent Stains


Equipment & Technologies for Mass Spectrometry

  • • Synapt High Definition MS-Systeme (HD-MS, Waters)
  • • Q Exactive Plus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap MS (Thermo)
  • • Xevod TQD Tandem Quadrupol MS-System (Waters)
  • • MALDI-TOF/TOF (ultraflex, Bruker Daltonics)
  • • MS/MS and HD-MSE
  • • ESI, nano-ESI, MALDI
  • • SRM, PRM und MRM
  • • UPLC, nano-UPLC
  • • supporting bioinformatic tools


Selected References

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