Octoplus QPLEX Imager

Octoplus QPLEX

The Octoplus QPLEX acquires large size images from multi fluorescence objects such as 2D gels and 2D blots within 20-30 seconds. In combination with its sensitivity of fluorescence detection the Octoplus QPLEX is a true alternative to fluorescence scanners. In addition, the sensitive chemiluminescence detection allow for combined analysis of fluorescence and ECL as well. Recommended for applications such as Refraction-2D, Saturn-2D REDOX or 2D-DIGE as well as HCP analysis.

Product features

  • •  high power 4-color (RGB + NIR) multiplex fluorescence detection system. Almost same sensitivity as laser scanners but 30x faster.
  • •  homogenous fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection of gels and blots size up to 250 mm (width) and 200 mm (depth).
  • •  very robust sytem with easy handling- suitable even for untrained staff
  • •  Made in Germany




Refraction-2D/ 2D-DIGE/ HCP

Image of Refraction-2D/ 2D-DIGE Gel acquired by Octoplus QPLEX


RGB+NIR Fluorescence/ Chemiluminescence Western Blot


Product No. Description Price
PR435 Octoplus QPLEX

High Power - Large Area

Quadruplex  Fluorescence (RGB +IR) and

High Sensitivity Chemiluminescence Imager





Photo der Innenansicht des Octoplus QPLEX Imagers für RGB + NIR Fluoreszenz, Chemilumineszenz, UV und Weisslichtaufnahmen von großen Flächen


homogenous multiplex fluorescence detection area

("publication level)" for 25 x 20 cm

rapid image acquisition

e.g. SPL Western Blots: 0.2 - 1.0 sec.,

VELUM Gold 1D gel: 1-2 sec.

Refraction-2D gel: 10-30 sec.

high power RGB fluorescence detection for e.g.

G-Dye100, G-Dye200, G-Dye300,

Cy2, Cy3, Cy5, ...

high power NIR fluorescence detection for e.g.

G-Dye400, LiCOR CW800, ...

high power ECL detection
sensitive detection of Coomassie stainings (by red power fluorescence)
remote- and hands-on support
low maintenance
Made in Germany


Overview of Applications (examples)

Multiplex Fluorescence

1D gels

size up to 250 x 120 mm


Western Blots

size up to 250 x 120 mm



gels and  Western Blots

e.g. for 24 cm IEF strips

ECL detection

(e.g. for the detection

of low abundant


Vis stains


(detection by red

power fluorescence)



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