New VELUM Gels: Replacement for EXCEL gels

More reproducibility within your gel-based protein analytics?

VELUM Precast gels for horizontal gel electrophoresis are ready-to-use, so you do not need to prepare buffers. They are characterized by their easy handling (positioning in electrophoresis chamber / sample loading) and are therefore a perfect replacement for EXCEL gels.

Our portfolio includes gels for both 1D and 2D protein analytics (linear or gradient). In addition to SDS gels, we also offer IEF gels with a wide range of ph gradients. Further advantages of VELUM Precast gels are:

  • • optimized background reduction for fluorescence applications
  • • suitable for all protein staining applications (e.g. Coomassie, silver)
  • • individual gel composition possible upon request
  • • choice between different pocket sizes
  • • more reproducible running behavior
  • • even better selectivity
  • • new: ready-to-use
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