Western Blots: quantitative , valid results

The difficulties in obtaining Western But data

Western Blot analysis is based on a stringent work flow. Starting with the protein extraction, separation, transfer, antibody washing & incubation steps it finally come to the immunochemical detection of a specific protein.

In order to obtain valid, quantitative data, Western Blot experiments requires critical validation steps (Pillai-Kastoori L. et al., 2020).


Close monitoring of the sample

The patented SPL technology is based on the fluorescent labeling of the total protein after sample extraction. This speedy step enables the rapid but sensitive monitoring of the total protein within all further steps like separation (e.g. SDS-PAGE), transfer and target detection.


What do I need for using SPL?

Detection of SPL-labeled protein requires an adequate fluorescent imaging device. For Western Blots it allows for the co-detection of target and corresponding total protein of the sample.

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