Smart Protein Layers

Are you using total protein as "loading control" for target normalization of Western Blots? Superb!

But when do you detect the total protein?


Image of a PVDF Membrane showing Total Protein before and after WB washing steps (detected by SPL)

Fig. 1. PVDF membrane loaded with 6x 20 µg total protein from E. coli. Total protein was relabeled with Smart Label Red and detected using an Octoplus QPLEX Imager.


30-60% of the total protein on a Western blotting membrane is washed away during the several antibody-incubation and washing steps.

Reliable quantification of Western blots therefore requires total protein detection (for normalization) at the point of time the target is detected.

Smart Protein Layers offers real-time total protein detection and many other features.

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