EPO Doping Nachweis

Product line EPO Doping Analysis

EPO doping analysis is based on immunochemical detection of endogenous erythropoeitin (EPO) and if applied, the detection of exogenous EPO or other erythropoeisis stimulating agents (ESAs).

We offer WADA laboratory approved EPO/ESA analysis products for

  • •  large sample amounts (40 samples per gel/ blot)
  • •  error-free handling
  • •  high sensitivity detection

Gel and blotting kits are available for SAR-PAGE, SDS-PAGE and IEF. In addition we offer fluorescent EPO standards, gel electrophoresis units, large washing trays for the BlotCycler,  and high sensitivity chemiluminescence + fluorescence imaging devices.


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Add-on: Fluorescent SEPOs for specific sample monitoring

and precise RP value determination.

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