ORCA Workstation

ORCA Multitasking Workstation

System Integrated Digital Electrophoresis

The ORCA Multitasking Workstation offers state-of-the-art technology for gel-based electrophoresis. Up to 52 protein samples are separated by the ORCA Gel Electrophoresis unit in less than 90 min.

The stain-free, sensitive protein detection, analysis and digital reporting is automatically performed by the ORCA Analyzer within a few seconds. The digital data (e.g. quantification of protein lanes and bands, identification of bands, determination of Rf-values, gel to gel analysis, ...) can be fully integrated into the existing IT/ data management.

The ORCA Multitasking Workstation provides time savings, reproducible results, independency from sample quality (e.g. difference of protein applied to the gel, differences in protein content), digital reporting and independency of the user.


Benefits of the ORCA Multitasking Workstation

  • • very simple handling
  • • flexible numbers of samples (10 - 52 per run)
  • • no protein staining/ destaining required
  • • automated sample detection by fluorescence
  • • automated digital analysis (e.g. quantification, Rf-values, identification, ...)
  • • automated reporting and communication
  • • 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy


Flexible Quantities of Samples

Similar to the Multi-Tasking Workstation PhastSystem samples are separated by the ORCA Gel Electrophoresis unit. The corresponding VELUM Gels (for SDS-PAGE, Native PAGE, IEF and DNA) take 25 respectively 52 samples. For most flexibility in terms of quanitities of samples, the gels can be easily cut into halves and used separately.


Stain-free, Digital Analysis

The combination of the ORCA Workstation and the stain-free, high sensitivity Smart Protein Layers Technology allows for the fully automated gel analysis within seconds. The ORCA Analyzer offers the digital analysis of many different parameters for each sample like: identification of bands, quantification of bands, Rf value determination, ...
For each sample, a full (customized) report is generated. This report can be integrated into the laboratory environment/ data management.


User-independent Performance

For gel-based analyses, the ORCA system offers a new level of quality in terms of: time-saving, user-independency, reproduction of quantitative/and/or qualitative results, automation and digital reporting.


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