ORCA Fluoresc. Imager

ORCA Fluorescence Imager

Probably the only LED/ CCD - based system available on the market which offers homogenous high sensitivity RGB fluorescence detection over a large viewing area of 25 x 20 cm. The ORCA Fluorescence Imager offers almost the same sensitivity as laser scanners, however its image acquisition time is about 30 x faster.


Product features

  • •  high power 3-color (RGB) multiplex fluorescence detection system. Almost same sensitivity as laser scanners but 30x faster.
  • •  homogenous fluorescence detection of gels and blots sinze up to 250 mm (width) and 200 mm (depth).
  • •  very robust sytem with very easy handling- suitable even for unexperienced staff


ORCA Imaging Tray for VELUM 1D Precast Gels


ORCA Imaging Tray for VELUM 2D Precast Gels


Product No. Description Price
PR213 ORCA Fluorescence Imager

High Power - Large Area
Fluorescence Imager



Abbildung ORCA Fluorescence Imager für RGB Fluoreszenz-Imaging von großen Gelen und Blots

homogenous multiplex fluorescence detection area

("publication level)" for 25 x 20 cm

rapid image acquisition

e.g. SPL Western Blots: 0.2 - 1.0 sec.,

VELUM Gold 1D gel: 1-2 sec.

Refraction-2D gel: 10-30 sec.

high power RGB fluorescence detection for e.g.

G-Dye100, G-Dye200, G-Dye300,

Cy2, Cy3, Cy5, ...

sensitive detection of Coomassie stainings (by red power fluorescence)
remote- and hands-on support
low maintenance
Made in Germany


Overview of Applications (examples)

Multiplex Fluorescence  

1D gels

size up to 250 x 120 mm


Western Blots

size up to 250 x 120 mm



gels and  Western Blots

e.g. for 24 cm IEF strips

Vis stains  


(detection by red

power fluorescence)



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